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  • Beauty Favorites November

    First of all I wish you all a happy first of December. One of my favorite months has finally started and I cant wait to set the first advent candle on fire.

    Like (I guess) every girl out there I love to try out new beauty products to push my beauty routine to a higher level. Really, I love to try out new products no matter if make up, creams or anything like this. Of course I have my fave items (like the Urban Decay All Nighter Longwear Foundation) but I would also change my routine when I am able to find a „better“ products (maybe the Kat von D Foundation?).
    Also in November I bought some newbies and I really want to share my opinions because some of them are sooo great.

    Let’s start with Hair Care.
    When I smelled at the Botanicals from L’Oreal my first thought was: This is how you want your hair to smell like.
    Fresh, healthy and not chemical. Another good thing is that the smell really lasts the whole day. Furthermore, the shampoo & conditioner is very easy to distribute into your hair.
    Another great found is the Dessange Hair Oil. After washing my hair I put 3-4 pumps into my wet hair (mostly at the ends). Sometimes I also put a little bit in my hair before I go to bed because it makes my hair so soft and healthy. The good thing is that you hair never ever looks fatty after using this oil.
    Due to my coloring sessions I have very very dry hair but with the help of these three magic shampoo, conditioner and oil it is finally getting much better. I would highly recommend these three babies.


    Next stop are two perfumes which I bought.
    I am always looking (or smelling) for new perfumes. A woman can never too many. So I found these two amazing fragrancies from ‚Agent Provocateur‘ and ‚Jean Paul Gaultier‘.
    For me, the perfect perfume is when you smell it on your skin (beware that every scent smells different on your skin than on the testing strip) and you can’t stop smelling your skin. I had this feeling when I tested these two fragrancies.
    Sorry to say but I am very very awful in describing scents (for me there is only „smells great“ or „smells bad“) so why don’t you try them on your own?

    Benefit Eyebrow Pencil „Precisely“
    Sorry taking a picture from the official Benefit page but my picture of it was bad. I really have to learn how to take the perfect flatlay. However, this pencil saved my life. It’s so easy to use, the pencil is very thin and perfect for creating the perfect eyebrow. Another important reason for me is that you just twist it because I hate to sharpen the pencils after every use. Before that I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Pomade but it was very annoying to clean my brush after every use. With Benefit, I don’t have this problem, I only twist it up and start drawing.
    It comes in six different shades and I am using number 4.





    Next stop is this face mask from ‚masque bar‘. It comes with three mud mask packages and I am happy to say that this does not smell like mud. You have to let the mask stay for like 15-20 minutes and after removing your skin feels like babyskin. For me, it is the perfect way to end a stressful day. I ordered them from ASOS 🙂



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