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  • December faves

    Happy Sunday to everyone. In this post, I want to share my December favorites with you. It is a mix between interior-deco (December is made for comfortable things), some Christmas gifts and of course some new beauty products I bought. So let’s start.

    1.) Candles and Decor
    For me, December is made for candles and warm decor to lighten up those dark days. I love to read books while candles are warming evenings up. Also I adore the scent of candles. When I saw that London Candle on Westwing I was totally in love. You may know that I am a) a huge London Fan and b) that I love clean black and white decor. This candle is made for me and furthermore, it smells so amazing. I also bought this Disney themed „Apple in a glas“ and a matching candle from „Maisons Du Monde“. This is our current eating table deco and all our vistiors love it. Another perfect winter decoration is this berry bush which is a must have for December. It is also from „Maisons Du Monde“ and fake because I am very bad at keeping flowers alive.

    2.) Sonos Music Box
    When it comes to house cleaning and so on I always wanted to listen to music but we haven’t had a good soundbox. This is why my boyfriend made me an amazing Christmas gift: Hello Sonos Wlan Box. He also got one for Christmas and now we have two boxes and the Sound is amazing. We are now listeting to Music while cooking, when friends & Family are visting, while cleaning the Apartment, and during breakfast and so on. I am super happy. The good Thing is that you can Change the volume via App as well as Change the Music. When my brother and my boyfriend were playing Xbox in the living room I had the great idea to turn on some „Dirty Dancing Soundtrack“ and „Beethoven“ for them 😀

    3.) Bando Calendar
    One of my best properties are that I am very very organized. Every year I am using a calendar for all my dates, notes and so on. I never ever use my iPhone calendar for this, call me old fashioned but I need something to write. What I love about my calender from bando (last year I also had one from ban.do) is that it comes with stikers so that you can pimp notes, dates with some cool stikers. Furthermore, I adore the design and the quality. My calender is in use for 365 days and I can highly recomend their quality.

    4.) Kat von D Foundation, Concealer and Powder
    I am so in love with my new collection of Kat von D. The most important fact is that they are vegan and cruelty free. Furthermore I am obsessed with the quality. Each product covers perfectly and it is so easy to use and they are gentle to my skin. I also love that the Color is perfectly matching with my face. Also the design is amazing
    and looks totally classy. Each item is not that cheap but trust me: the quality is worth every quid.


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