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  • 10 Things I love on Sundays

    Hello Everyone,

    it is Sunday and this is my fave Day of the week because most of the times I totally spend my day as cosy as possible. So I want to share my favorite things with you

    1.) Time for books!
    I love to read books in the morning! When I wake up my first grasp is for a book, I also love to put this feeling on a maximum with a cup of tea or coffee.

    2.) Beauty Treatments!
    Starting my day with a hot bath and masks is the best way. I am obsessed to start the day refreshed

    3.) Smoothies and Breaky!
    I am totally obsessed with smoothies and a great breakfast with my boyfriend. We also always have nice conversations and fun.

    4.) Cleaning the house!
    Normally we clean our house after breakfast so that everything is fresh and cleaned up for a cosy day. That feeling is so nice.

    5.) Naps!
    Yes! I never sleep that long but I love to take a nap after everything is done. It is so comfy 🙂

    6.) Netflix and chill!
    This is a duty of a Sunday. Ordering some food is the best.

    7.) Blogreadings
    I love to spend time on Bloglovin and Pinterest and get inspired


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