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  • Autumn in Little Venice

    A super super cozy outfit featuring my favorite red sweater from Missguided. Honestly, I love fall so much and getting to wear more layers! My best friend and me took these pictures a few days back on our last day in London. We strolled around our neighborhood Little Venice. I just love this season so much, its actually my favorite of them all. And with fall, I love so many other things so I thought I’d share my favorite four things of this time of the year 🙂

    1. Getting a cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning and spend some hours with a good book on the couch. I also enjoy spending an afternoon with Netfilx while it’s rainy outside. To put this cosyness on the next level, I love to turn many candles on. Rainy gloomy days on the weekend are fantastic.

    2. Hunting for cosy sweaters. For this season I love to wear oversized, warm and cosy sweaters. The sweater I am wearing here is from Missguided. Furthermore I also love to buy cosy loungewear and socks.

    3. Interior. I love to redecorate our apartment with fall and autumny things. I also enjoy to organize everything and give our apartment a new flair. Scented candless are one of my favorite essentials for this season. Because I want our apartment as cosy and comfortable as possible because its that time of the year where people would rather stay at home with friends than strolling through bars outside.

    4. Walks through park and natural places. I am obsessed with the changing of the colours in autumn. I enjoy long walks outside and coming home chilled through, making a cup of tea and resting after that. Sometimes the cold crispy morning air, the humid pavement and the trees with leaves that are ever changing make me so happy.  Its so beautiful.

    What is your favourite season and why?

    Jeans WEEKDAY | Sweater MISS SELFRIDGE | Boots ASOS


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