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  • Burgundy Dress by Metisu

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day! Let me introduce my fave spring / summer dress ever which is from Metisu. For me, it is the perfect way to spend warm spring nights in. On the one hand it is super comfy and long enough (I hate short dresses where you can see like everything while stooping) and on the other hand it can look glamorous but also casual, depending on shoes and accessories. Furthermore burgundy is one of my fave colors so this dress is perfectly made for me. You can find this lovely piece here.
    It was so much fun to shoot those photos under this beautiful sakura tree, I totally love the combination of rose colored leaves and this burgundy dress. To make this outfit a little bit casual and grungy I am wearing my new boots from ASOS which look like Dr. Martens (but cheaper).
    How do you like this look?

    Dress METISU | Shoes ASOS


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